Fairy Tales and Themes of Death and Uncertainty

Death and uncertainty are two themes commonly involved in stories regarding fairies. Whether it is a story of a fairy’s haunting song luring travelers to move off of the path, or fairies luring unsuspecting people into the sea before overtaking and drowning them, tales of fairies are often consumed with themes regarding the inevitability of death and the importance of looking ahead and not being distracted by the calls or lures of the unknown. These themes are easily applied to everyday life; we are prone to distraction and failing to look to the future, neglecting taking care of ourselves or loved ones for the future. Just as tales of fairies encourage readers to avoid the lure of a fairy’s sweet voice, or the temptation of a fairy’s beautiful face, readers are encouraged to take the future into their own hands and begin planning for the future and coming to terms with the reality of death.

Though it may seem macabre to regard fairy tales with the realism of day-to-day life, fairy tales effectively teach children and adults alike that there are many inevitabilities in life, including the presence of injury and the potential for death. Preparing for any eventuality, as in fairy tales, is important in life. One such way to prepare for any eventuality is to purchase various types of insurance, with the aim of preventing unanticipated monetary damage. Renter’s insurance, for instance, protects renters from losses and damage caused by a fire, flood, or even a burglary. Funeral insurance protects individuals from having to pay extensive funeral costs out of pocket. Life insurance can protect people from financial woes after a death in the family.

Tales of fairies and tales detailing the fairy world mimic the world of humans, revealing the need for basic necessities such as food, drink, companionship, a system of bartering and even, oftentimes, the presence of some form of government. Bearing this in mind, stories about fairies can also be applied to the presence of life and death in the world of humans, and warnings presented in fairy stories can be applied to humans, including the need to look to the future and stay focused, by avoiding the lure of anything not on the designated path.

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